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Friends, due to the fake-news saga that broke over the weekend, I've decided that a better option would be to focus on being the change we need to be. I'm changing the direction of change. Find out more on The Sheena Showdown

If you look at our current situation in its entirety - we have red tape at the core of all the issues we face when obtaining true health and wellness for ourselves; and for our children.

• Fluoride is poisoning the water • Aluminium is poisoning the air • Monsanto is poisoning our food • Vaccines are poisoning our blood • Education is dumbing us down • WIFI is poisoning our organs • 5G is much MUCH worse than WIFI..

In addition we are being lied to on just about everything that is important to our own spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

I'm sitting here shaking my head - what the hell has this world come to? 👀

I've started talking about the solutions. More can be found about: Greenwave Filters, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Homeschooling Options, CryptoCurrency - KiMuni on my website.

Our children, the most vulnerable, are under attack. The government does not want to protect us. In fact it feels quite the opposite - they don't care...

I can not sit back and watch this happen. Not in this lifetime at least.

This red tape we see everywhere is killing humanity. We don't have any more options. It's looking like a peaceful revolution is our last solution to this HUGE problem. ❤️

If you are tagged in this post: please share your thought on what the next best move is BESIDES our broken legal system we are relying on to fix this global problem. We need better ideas to stop this madness from moving any further...people, it's now or never 💕


#Fluoride is poisoning the water #Aluminium is poisoning the air #Monsanto is poisoning our food #Vaccines are poisoning our blood #Education is dumbing us down #WIFI is poisoning our organs #5G is much MUCH worse than #WIFI..Something needs to be done, now! Thanks for being the change we need to see #bethechangeweneedtosee

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