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Welcome To My Website, I'm Sheena Alexandra!

Nice to meet you! I'm originally from Los Angeles and spent my university years in San Diego at San Diego State University (SDSU) where I received a degree in Information Decision Systems (IDS).  I love southern California and will always call it home. 

I spent 8 years in London as an Email Marketing consultant and loved being in technology at such an exciting time. I found my passions such as Yoga and Holistic Nutrition. It was in London where I first learned how to 'Juice' veggies and where I discovered colonic irrigation. :)


In 2011 I moved to Sydney, Australia where I fine tuned my digital marketing skills and took a side step into video becoming a full blown expert in digital media, email marketing and video for content creation.

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In 2015 I continued to follow my health and wellness passion and received a diploma from which was founded by fitness expert Lars Gustafsson who shared many generations of holistic wellness and expertise. The course gave me a thorough understanding of how our internal systems work, specifically enzymes, and how important water and minerals are to our overall health and well being! 


Over the years I've also taken more 'deep dives' into topics I'm passionate about. I've seen the 9 part series: The Truth About Cancer (twice) and The Sacred Plant which investigates the healing properties of cannabis.  I love exploring alternative ways to heal ourselves naturally and currently healing myself from Copper & Aluminium toxicity.


I am also now certified to take Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis tests that helps people identify route causes of health issues and gives insight to heal themselves naturally.

In 2018 I woke up to the reality of this world, starting with 5G and quickly realising that the technology industry I'd been working in for 20 years, was as corrupt as they come!  

It took me a good two weeks to gather my thoughts and gain the strength after my whole world came crashing in.  I had a few more bumpy days learning the truth,  that took me off guard.


I didn't know where I was going or what I was supposed to do.  I decided to follow my heart. It was then that I became an activist. I started speaking out at night but now its moved into an 'almost' full time job.

After 2 years of spreading awareness of the New World Order, dangers of 5G and EMF safety, in 2020, I became certified as a quantum healer and now launched Freedom Collective Foundation - as a private membership association - which is focused on healing the world and providing amazing solutions that are making a great difference to these health and wellness problems humanity faces today.


From 2021 (to present) I continue my quest for educating the world by hosting interviews and shows of subject matter experts (on her own 'censor-free' platform) who are in their 'secret sauce helping the world evolve.


You can find out more at and watch direct (for free) at:

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