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As I awaken,

from another slumber,

another days rest,

for this soldier,

just another day of WW3,

I see above,

in the dusk morning sky,

a nice little present from Santa ~



in the morning sky,

not a ‘con trail’

combing our air,

a CHEMTRAIL poisoning us,

our every breath,

every country that’s part,

of the NWO.

YES, the rumours are true,

this ain’t no conspiracy theory,

this isn’t no pie in the sky belief,

this is fact,

this is truth,

this is whole hearted truth,

the whole truth,

and nothin’ but the truth ~

Yea, the evil ones;

our government,

the ones we pay taxes to,

and vote in to lead us to safety,

are poisoning our air,

our sky,

our every breath;

killing us slowly.


this is them,

this is their depopulation plan,

a depopulation plan that is in full swing,

has been in full swing for ages:

- land, water, air,

- body, mind, spirit,

and soul,

with every angle,

with every single corner of consciousness ~

they’ve poisoned us.

Even on Christmas morning,

in all NWO countries across the land;

their plan marches forward at lighting speed.

Yes, it’s true,

the CHEMTRAILS in the sky,

are part of the depopulation plan,

look it up,

then look up to see,

they don’t love you,

they don’t care for you,

like me.

They don’t even care about Christmas,

remember ~

this holiday is their con.

Keep an eye out for your skies,

see if you can see,

then ask yourself,

- are you keeping safe;

- can you do better?

I think you can!


Once the penny drops, this IS a full blown war,

and you realise this is a full blown attack,

on your body, mind, spirit, and soul…

And you recover from the shock…

Join us at Freedom Collective Foundation where we are solving issues like this because WE see the truth, so WE WILL create something new, join us at the new Earth here:

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