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Family Coaching - Evolution Bootcamp

In 2019 I set out on a 'Searching For Secrets' tour to discover all the secrets and hidden treasures of the world; the products and services that the elite use.


In 2022 I set up two platforms - Freedom Collective Community & New Earth Entertainment,  so you, as a truth seeker, can have access to all the knowledge I discovered, and so much more!

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This platform is designed for parents, teachers and students alike who are looking for new ways to expand their consciousness, and help others find their way towards truth.


As we evolve into our new world, the family unit is our core focus with the goals of strengthening the ties between family members, and learning about good ethics, positive free will, and just, moral action.


The 8-week bootcamp is broken down into the following 30 min discussions over a 9 week bootcamp.

  1. Introduction

  2. Food, Water, Shelter

  3. Health & Wellness

  4. Natural Lore & Dispute Resolution

  5. Money & Currency

  6. Knowledge & Education

  7. Media & Entertainment

  8. Your Secret Sauce

  9. Moving Forward Strategy

After boot camp (as an option, if you want) we will continue, as a family via a weekly catch up webinar to share our own experiences of the principles learned in the course. Each family member will evolve naturally, into their best version over time.


This is going to be so much fun! The only thing I require throughout this process is patience, practice, and love.

Next Steps:

Find out the finer details.

Contact me to learn more OR book now to request a chat.

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