Family Coaching - Survival Bootcamp

As we evolve into our new world, the family unit is our core focus with the goals of strengthening the ties between family members, and learning about good ethics, positive free will, and just, moral action.


Below is the boot camp daily agenda - 1 hour each day.

  • Day 1: Silent weapons for quiet wars

  • Day 2: Understanding ego & knowing narcissism 

  • Day 3: Statutory law vs natural law

  • Day 4: Your rights & moral compass

  • Day 5: Evolving through the abuse of hard times

  • Day 6: Searching for secrets & solutions 

  • Day 7: The 7 Hermetic Principles

  • Day 8: Discovering your secret sauce 

  • Day 9: Visions for tomorrow - the best is yet to come

  • Day 10: Co-creating and manifesting our future together

After boot camp we continue, as a family, the discussion via a weekly catch up webinar to share our own experiences of the principles learned in the course. Each family member will evolve naturally, into their best version over time. The only thing I require throughout this process is patience, practice, and love.

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