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In 2019 I set out on a 'Searching For Secrets' tour to discover all the secrets and hidden treasures of the world; the products and services that the elite use.


In 2022 I set up two platforms - Freedom Collective Community & New Earth Entertainment - so you too could explore all the secrets I discovered.

Freedom Collective Foundation is a not-for-profit movement committed to rebuilding our new world under natural law, with truth, justice and love as our intent. Our goals are to unite, connect and grow, as we raise awareness for our concerns, but mainly promote the solutions for our future ~ for our children and the generations to come. With the family unit and community as our primary focus, we move forward and rebuild our world with endless opportunities at our fingertips.

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♣  Collaboration of the most activated minds on the planet.
​♣  Assisting humanity in the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness.
♣  Ascending from the old paradigm, to the new Earth.
♣  Giving the wayshowers ways to create a new path of opportunity.
♣  Subject Matter Experts shining a light on the inner weavings of:
                    - nature, plants, animals, and each other.
♣  Conscious creators manifesting an amazing future inside: 
                   - truth, abundance, freedom, and love.
♣  Peace on Earth is here, for now and for generations to come:
                    - natural law, real science, and true medicine.

To learn more - go to Freedom Collective Foundation.

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PODS: Pillars Of Dedication & Service:

1. Food, Water, Shelter
2. Health & Wellness
3. Money & Currency
4. Education & Knowledge
. Media & Entertainment
6. Natural Lore & Dispute Resolution
7. Your Secret Sauce

Next Steps:

Find out the finer details.

Contact me to learn more OR book now to request a chat.

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