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New Earth Entertainment is an enterprise of subject matter experts who are dedicated to promoting change on the planet and to help each and everyone of us personally evolve, in our bodies minds and spirits, as we move forward towards our new world.These world renown innovators of change, from all corners of Earth, use their vision, foresight, and insight, to educate and raise awareness for our solutions in the form of interviews, online events and public speaking engagements.

FREE ENTRY - contributions by request. 

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Anchor 2 - $33 p/m MEMBERSHIP
(this is a requested contribution, but you can name your number)

Freedom Collective Foundation is a not-for-profit movement committed to rebuilding our new world under natural law, with truth, justice and love as our intent. Our goals are to unite, connect and grow, as we raise awareness for our concerns, but mainly promote the solutions for our future ~ for our children and the generations to come. With the family unit and community as our primary focus, we move forward and rebuild our world with endless opportunities at our fingertips.


FREE ENTRY - contributions by request. 

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Influencer Promotion - $88 MONTHLY PACKAGE (per month)

Might Networks FULL Host Access 
New Earth Entertainment Star Profile

  • x1 (30 min chat) - Freedom Collective's Secret Sauce

  • x1 p/m (15 min chat) - Monthly Star Spotlight

  • x1 p/m (15 min chat) - Brainstorm & Strategy


  • New World Wrap Up - a monthly collection of my best videos


$88 per/month - contributions by request. 

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Family Coaching - $888 BOOTCAMP (one-time donation)

 Family Bootcamp - 9 weeks towards optimal evolution

  • x7 (30 min chat) - Bootcamp Agenda

  • x2 (30 min chat) - Follow Up Coaching


  • New World Wrap Up - a monthly collection of my best videos


$888 - ONE TIME DONATION - minimum contributions by request. 

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Freedom Collective Community offers free guidance, knowledge,
support. Every client will also receive the following benefits:

  • Freedom Collective Boot Camp (secret group) - exclusive content.

  • Monthly Group Coaching - to connect, share and grow.

  • 1-1 private coaching set one day p/m, for 15 mins and we discuss:

    • Your Current Status

    • Your Monthly Goal Update

    • Your Next Month Goal Update

    • Your Reflections of Perfection

  • New World Wrap Up - a monthly collection of my best videos

$88 per month -  minimum contribution by request. 


Other Services (one-time donation)

Video Editing - $1,500
Past Life Regression - $500

$888 - ONE TIME DONATION -  contributions by request. 

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