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Introducing Windows Into Our New World, a FREE post pandemic guide to freedom, love and a sovereign life of abundance and secret sauce success. Each month you will get loads of information, delivered to your inbox! 


Educating yourself on this truth will activate your personal journey of awakening, you’ll join a new family collective that lives, eats and breathes royalty, like the crown sovereigns we all are.

Body - protecting your physical realm

Mind - clearing the lifetime of mind control, and filling your mind with never ending knowledge.

Spirit - lifting your spirit up from the dead (the legal fiction); to a living man or woman.

Freedom Collective - Exit The Matrix And Learn To Live Freely, Without Fear.

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Friendly Support  - $11 p/m

The awakening process is something that everyone goes through. Everyone needs a trustworthy friend, a helping confidant, or someone you can turn to for problems. I'm a great listener, and I want to help you become stronger in your body mind and spirit. This friendly support will give you: 

  • Interviewing & Content Creation Skills - each member gets an opportunity to promote themselves, their special sauce.

  • Body, Mind & Spirit Solutions - access to Sheena's international network of hidden solutions, award winning product ideas!

  • Deep Understanding of Occult Knowledge - access to Sheena's brain, including living through natural law, understanding moral rights & wrong, and living freely in a harmonious world. 

Family Support - $50 p/m

Unknown to most people, the new world order is designed to weaken the family unit through all sorts of measures on the planet.  Don't be a causality to this darkness entering your home. Whether you are a family of 2, or 12 - all families need assistance with living in peace and harmony.


  • Relationship Guidance - a trusted family friend who is there to help resolve conflict through natural law.

  • Teens & Tech - we have a big problem with addiction, and the brain development of kids due the harmful technology being used inside the homes, schools, everywhere on the planet.  The Future Of Children shares what they are up against now, and the future. 

  • Family proofing  - ensuring your house is set up, and safe,  for our new world we are creating 

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