Freedom Collective's Secret Sauce

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Calling Upon:

People who have found their passion, and living their purpose to help build our new world - we want to hear from you! Join me online for a LIVE CHAT through our Facebook group: Freedom Collective to get started speaking out today.


Planning Your Chat:

Each person will get 20 mins to talk - 15 mins to talk about their secret sauce, and any promotions they may have and then 5 fast tract questions to get your advice on how to transition into our new world. You'll get one minute for each question:

1. What are your thoughts on Covid19?

2. What have been your greatest lessons from Covid19?

3. What steps have you taken to prepare for building our new world? 

4. What advice do you have people who are just learning about the plot?

5. What are your visions for the future?

Next Steps:

Sign up and you will get instructions on how to book and plan your live chat. From here you will also be put on the database to receive our monthly publication - Windows Into Our New World. 

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