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Secret Sauce - Influencer Package

Are you an influencer in the following areas of interest:

  • Food, Water, Shelter

  • Health & Wellness

  • Natural Lore & Dispute Resolution

  • Money & Currency

  • Knowledge & Education

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Your Secret Sauce

I'm seeking people who have found their passion, and living their purpose to help build our new world - we want to hear from you!


In addition to providing support for communities and families who are wanting to evolve; willing to put the work into creating our new world, Freedom Collective Foundation is in incubator for ideas and a marketing resource for products, services and podcast / radio hosts.


All of our shows are hosted on our private, censor-free platforms: and

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What's Included - package details
Star Profile Page

All interview content created is presented on your own Star Profile Page, with social marketing. 

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Freedom Collective's Secret Sauce

Getting Started:

I'll set up your star profile page, and then you'll join me online for a 30 min LIVE CHAT to be promoted through out the Freedom Collective Foundation channels.

Freedom Collective's Star Spotlight

Promotional Support:

Each month, during your Star Spotlight, you'll get 20 mins LIVE CHAT to talk about the event and promote your how to join link and details.

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Next Steps:

Find out the finer details.

Contact me to learn more OR book now to request an interview.

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