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There is always that one, that one person in the family, who is different.

That one family member, who is not like the rest.

That one sweet soul, who stands out in the crowd, no matter how much, they want to fit in.

This one person in the family, ~ this one sweet soul ~ knows not what the others know, they know not what the others believe as real, they know more than what is discussed around the dinner table, they know the secrets, the lies, the inconsistencies, they know the truth.

And, because this sweet soul knows so much more than the rest, he gets ridiculed, he gets laughed at, he gets ostracized, expelled from the family, and so much more...

Because this sweet soul doesn't feel accepted, she cries at night, she feels the pain of abandonment, she feels the discomfort of rejection, the trauma from abuse, and so much more...

From the depths of despair, from the heartache of unhappiness, from the loneliness of being alone, and so much more...

these sweet souls go inward, to find comfort, to find the strength to survive, they find the courage to live, just one more day.

And, as these sweet souls ask for help, as they seek solace from the outside world, their voice becomes louder, they release the particulars from the past, and realize there are others in awe, who also crave connection, who also want to be discovered, who are also, waiting to listen.

These sweet souls find a glimmer of hope, knowing they may be different from their family, but will always be welcomed, into our new world.

They will always be accepted, they will always be respected, they will always be cherished, and loved, for exactly who they are.

These sweet souls, they will be honored a hero, because they chose to walk their own unique path, and they will never again, face the darkness alone.


Thank you Flo Teslaw for explaining how to become the black sheep, how to embrace the black sheep in us.

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