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We The People

We were born on this planet,

as a true expressions of God,

an exact replica of Jesus,

a perfect picture of peace.


right after our birth,

because our moms and dads didn't know the fraud,

they gave us up for adoption,

they signed us over to the state,

they became parents in the process;

two people in love,

and now,

a pair that rents.


through the birth certificate fraud,

through the lies and deceit of the state,

your mom and dad,

acting as two loving and capable beings,

are now only,

a pair that rents,


Yes YOU,

a pair that rents you.

You are a ward of the state.


because of this,

because the indocration of lies and deceit,

we became servants to a system;

a system of slavery.

We unknowingly gave our power away,

we unknowingly said yes, I agree,

we unknowingly got hoodwinked,

we got conned,

we got brainwashed,

beyond belief.

But now,

~ in 2022 ~

we say goodbye to the old us,

we say goodbye to the lies of yesteryear,

we say no more to the attacks on our minds;

the hijacking of our spirits;

the severing of our souls.

In 2022

~ we the people ~

we welcome truth,

we forge ahead towards freedom

we practice patience,



and love.


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