Cryptocurrency & KiMuni money
  • A crypto of substance

  • Bringing integrity to money

  • Ultimate privacy

  • NO account keeping fees

  • NO transactions / personal details

  • NO audit trail

  • Instant international transfer

  • Private ownership

  • Transfer hand-to-hand

  • Owner backup security

  • Frictionless, no fees

  • Stable real world indexing

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Join me each week for kiMuni Monday and get educated (and excited) for cryptocurrency, a new money option!

KiMuni - is a new money platform - complimentary to Bitcoin; and much better than blockchain ...and will eventually replace the current, broken and corrupt fiat money system.


Now is the time to be empowered with money. Learn and act today!  

Sheena Alexandra - Investigative Reporter

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  • Watch: The Creature from Jekyll Island (above)

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  • Join me each week for KiMuni Monday

Portfolio Set Up:

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Bitcoin

  • KiMuni

  • Fiat Currency (day-to-day cash)