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How dirty electricity is created by Greenwave

Greenwave educates the public on Dirty Electricity and EMF Safety

Dirty electricity is created by many electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and other devices that run on electricity. It is more common now than ever before. Why? Because many modern devices no longer use standard AC electricity “as is.” Instead, they must “manipulate” electrical current in one way or another in order to operate.

For example, many electrical devices today must convert standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity (alternating current) into other forms of electricity -such as low voltage direct current (DC) or higher frequency AC — in order to operate. And many devices now draw power from wiring intermittently, in short burst, rather than continuously. They do this by turning the flow of power to a device “on” and “off” repeatedly, often thousands of times per second. These processes interrupt the smooth flow of standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity, which creates harmonics and erratic surges and spikes of electrical energy (i.e., voltage transients).

Once created, this unusable dirty electricity spreads throughout a building and even to other buildings via wiring and power lines. As it travels, it radiates potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) into living and work environments.

I am honoured to be working with the team of highly influential people who understands the importance of #DirtyElectricity #EMF #ElectricalPollution in the home.

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