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It's wonderful to see the staff at the UN challenge the 'OFF THE CHARTS' radiation that is being admitted from cell towers at the UN headquarters in Vienna. She doesn't know yet, but it's the UN guidelines (via ICLEI) that got us into this mess. 👀

The biggest problem we face is that this is also how they set up the wifi in schools, from the ceiling. Our children are getting the same levels of exposure, but their brains and bodies are much different than adults. They are trusting us to keep them safe and these days a school is the most dangerous place for children to to be...that as well as school buses due to the wifi inside the yellow tin can. 🚌

My biggest wish this year is for people to begin to understand the clear and present danger that lies ahead...and start to ask questions. There will be much more rapid advancement this year as the rollout is expected to complete by 2020. Start with your home, remove your smart meter...then get involved locally and share this knowledge with your neighbours. This is a global problem - we're all in this together ❤️

Visit to get involved.


Email me if you want to know more: ❤️

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