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{original publish date 21 March 2020}

I wonder if... there any TRUTHERS out there, who lived through 9/11, who knew the story back then was BS, who saw the lies, the deceit, the mind control.

Who knew the real reason, why that 'event' happened.

For me, I had no idea we were being played. I looked to the news for support, for updates, for encouragement.

I was glued to the screen, everyday, for months...

I had no idea, all that time; my mind was being controlled.

I had no idea, all that time; so many of my freedoms were being taken away.

I had no idea, all that time; so many people had planned for that event to happen, that it was a staged event; a false flag.

I wonder if... WE are the next generation of TRUTHERS who will set an example, who will be the power we need to be, who will be the catalyst of change, this story needs to see.

The children are their target, the ones who have no clue, the ones who are being directly impacted today- no school, no social life, no movement whatsoever...

9/11 times ten.

This life changing event, this huge unprecedented time, will come and go, like 9/11 did.

We will recover. We will survive. All will be ok.

However, there will be big changes that will impact every single one of us.

It's these changes that we must address, to ourselves; our families; the children...

For, its these changes, that will impact them, in just a few years time, they will feel the effects, of what has been planned.

We must share with everyone, what is happening now, how the world is re-shifting power, re-organising the land, re-organising the people, re-organising our freedoms, our future.

We must share with everyone, how Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, are a big part of these changes; the decisions being made now.

If we don't talk openly, loud and proud, of what we know to be true, what we have all researched for years, what we knew what was coming, what we know that is planned...

In 2030 our children will be the ones, who are the TRUTHER'S of that day, who are the suffering; the ones screaming out; like the people in China were; and are now.

No freedoms, No happiness, No rights whatsoever.

They will be screaming out loudly, like we all are now, like many were back then, and so many other times in history...


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