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Friends, one of the most disturbing parts of my awakening journey into the #5G issues we face globally, is that - along with the knowledge that our health and wellness is being harmed - comes the fact that public schools have become the most dangerous places on this planet for children to be due to the ULTRA high levels of WIFI radiation that is getting pumped throughout the classroom. We can thank Christine S. Zipps (and her amazing team) for educating parents and having the important ongoing discussion around WIRED vs WIFI option in school classrooms.

However, WIFI radiation is just one of MANY reasons why the children of the future need better school options. We need to start talking about ALL the issues in public schools our children face today... and we need to start talking about these issues and having this discussion NOW‼️

Before I begin, let me be very clear that the huge issues our children face have nothing to do with the teachers inside the school classrooms. The teachers are the true hero's of this story. They are the ones who will ultimately be the leaders in this new paradigm shift that is happening across the world. If I could speak to every teacher on this planet and thank them for their effortless work, and also educate them of the deception of the education system, and warn them of the geopolitical dangers coming ahead - I would. I would also share with the teachers, the true hero's, the wonderful and EYEOPENING options I've learned throughout navigating this "WIFI IN THE CLASSROOMS mess that we currently find ourselves in ☢️

GOOD NEWS: To my utmost surprise, due to issues such as: wifi radiation, forced vaccines, school shootings, common core curriculum and other educational problems that the public school systems have - the homeschooling option is on the rise. My first interview was about the concept of UN Schooling, which at the time I had no idea about, but over the years I've become more aware of this option and how homeschool works in everyday life...the world needs MORE teachers at home schooling children in the safety of their communities.

I have a good friend, mom, and homeschooling teacher Melissa A Wiringihere in Australia who loves her life. And, after watching homeschool leader / educator David Rodriguez on stage at #Anaracapulco last week talking about the many success stories we have with children who are homeschooled worldwide, I am convinced that we truely have the best option for our children's brightest futures.... right under our noses!

I love the concept of the public school system, but the truth of the matter is that this system, along side ALL the other systems we use on a daily basis - is corrupt. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to public school educators, and I hope this message is received with love and not a personal attack on anyone - I know what it feels like to have your industry turn on you. The telcom industry turned on me. Please know, you are way better than how you are currently being treated by this industry. You deserve more, much more...I recognize this, I think the whole world recognises your efforts now and the importance of your work in the future.

The problems we face today with education is the SYSTEM. It is the SYSTEM that is causing harm to our children. It is the SYSTEM which is causing schools to be the most dangerous place on earth. We need to find a better system than the one we have now. We have alot of fantastic teachers, with great big hearts and wonderful intentions and ideas...we just need to create a better solution for our children to thrive in.

Here is a 1 minute audio clip with Consciousness & Energy expert Penny Kelly talking about the future of education. What are your thoughts? Are you a teacher who agrees with me or a mom who has a success story of homeschooling? I'd love to hear your feedback of this topic of the Future of Education.

Sent with love and intentions for a healthier future for our children. ❤️

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