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In her pursuit to discover the meaning of life, Anick Patry has spent 12

years travelling the globe, studying the field of self-empowerment, human

potential and spirituality. Anick has been speaking, inspiring, coaching and

facilitating transformation for over 10 years.

Anick teaches, uplifts and touches her audience with her authentic message

of love and her ability to share her unique and captivating stories. She has

an extraordinary story and a remarkable ability to touch people's hearts.

Her raw honesty and radiant energy will take your breath away and her

admirable gift to transmit her joie-de-vivre, healing vibrations, wisdom and

love will stir the depths of your soul and enable you to tap into your natural

talents, your heart intelligence and help you remember who you truly are.

Anick Patry Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Coach and Voice Healer

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