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Remember the news is used for mind manipulation,

always controlling our thoughts,

always influencing our beliefs,

put in front of our faces to impact our emotions,

to create fear,

to cause distress,

to inflict anger,

to keep us distracted,

so we can not manifest our dreams,

because humans with dreams,

is a big problem for them.

This Chinese virus is no different.

A huge scare mongering tactic,

a fear generation machine,

a tool that will be used for depopulation,

to sell more of the vaccine product,

to keep us inside our houses,

laid up in bed, stuck in front of the news,

a never-ending cycle of mind manipulation;

population control.

I'm here to tell you that healing is an inside job,

Your internal systems are strong,

Your mind can combat any disease,

You body is designed to protect,

from any virus; any flu that comes your way.

However it is very important to be in tip top shape.

It's very important to keep your emotions in check.

The slightest bit of stress can make you more sick.

And being angry or fearful will lower your vibration,

and open the door for the bugs to attack.

A lower vibration is a magnet for illness;

A higher vibration is a tool for creation.

A lower vibration is their ultimate goal;

A higher vibration is always in your power.

There are important steps you can take,

to keep your family healthy and well,

and in a high vibration,

closing the door to disease.

Turn off the TV, mainstream media should be avoided.

The water you drink needs to be fluoride free.

The food you eat needs to be non-GMO.

Your supplements need to be top quality.

Your WIFI needs to be turned off at night.

If you are married, appreciate your partner more.

If you have children hug them 10 more times each day.

If you have pets, a dog, a cat, a bird, a plant,

stroke them with kindness,

talk to them with love,

and show gratitude at every opportunity you can.

When you are in this state,

feelings of LOVE, HAPPINESS,


nothing can harm you;

nothing will make you sick.

YOU are invincible.

YOU can manifest anything you desire.

YOU are in total control of success.

This is life's hidden secret,

what they don't want you to know about,

the power you have inside is enormous,

know it, feel it, live it.

Healing from within ❤️

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