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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The time has come to say goodbye to bid fare well of yesteryear. In 2023, we start something new. We know now our issues. We know now our solutions. We know now how to obtain optimal health, and performance. We know that there is so much more on this planet to find, to discover, to explore. The only thing left to do, is to secure safety, from the enemy. Moving towards safety, is our only solution, to avoid the current ~ and future attacks planned ~ by the enemy. After 3 years full time of investigating our enemy, ~ the new world order ~ which represents: all the attacks on our bodies, minds and souls, I can conclude, ~ with 100% certainty ~ the cities are not safe. The cities are killing us slowly. They represent the two centuries worth of mind control on the masses. The cities represent the total assault on our bodies, minds and spirits - without us even knowing it! We all need to comprehend how destructive living inside the city is for our bodies, minds, and souls. An attack on humanity ~ so massive ~ only an evil monster would achieve this end goal. Yes, an evil monster is at the realm here, achieving an evil goal, with the endgame near, something we can not ignore. BUT, before you get filled up with fear, before you become overwhelmed with anxiety, always know: we have all the answers. We know all of the solutions to success. We know all of the benefits when we align with nature. We KNOW how to win this war on humanity. ALL of the solutions are already here: The land is accessible. The resources are available. Our minds are clear. The only thing left to do, is live. TINY HOMES FOR HUGE HEARTS Friends I’m going to host a Tiny Home Workshop for Agenda 2030 to further support the amazing solution to move ourselves back to nature, back to where we belong, through educating the businesses on the laws that are changed due to #Agenda2030.

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