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Updated: Apr 15

I left Australia

over a year ago

 - full of confidence

 - full of commitment

 - full of clarity

that I would finally find family,

farm, and a future:

 - without abuse from the system

 - without abuse from the law

 - without abuse from money

or matters that are ~


To live outside the matrix ~

with meaning.

A year on

from a journey never predicted

through patience

and problem solving

and pivoting paths

I’ve learned that it’s:

EGO abuse

the evilness that comes from others

that is ~

our biggest problem.


and gratefully

there are still hearts ~

that care.

Thank you

to all my friends

with big hearts for humanity

with big hearts for the homeless

with big hearts for the ones

who have temporarily ~

lost their way.

Love matters more now ~

than ever before.


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