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The Evolution Of Evilness

The New World Order agenda has been on this planet for the past 2 centuries, using mind control and force to close in on the evolution of the human species.

To survive this war, and to take back our powers, we all must: ignore the law, stop using their money, and protect our property, which is currently under threat by agenda 21.

1798 = The Alien and Sedition Acts (removing non 'citizens')

1849 = The Gold Rush (mining the gold, which creates value in currency)

1862 = The Homestead Act (settlement and farming of the land)

1917 = Trading with the Enemy Act (removal of non US citizens)

1933 Federal Reserve and Executive Order 1604 (taking back gold)

This was taken from my family history - my grandmas account of times during the 'Great Depression'

1933 - the days the banks closed for the Federal Reserve Act to be initiated.

1992 = Agenda 21 - (taking back property)

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