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A ‘view’ or your 'perspective' is only your belief, which is NOT the truth. The hashtag#truth is what is under attack now. You may have a view or perspective that this photo represents a car, but this is only a belief…it is not the truth.

It LOOKS like a car, but it is not. The truth is, this is a photo of nature. 

Beliefs are not the truth. Inside this word 'belief' is a LIE (be-LIE-f) …anyone who thinks this is a car, no matter your viewpoint or perspective - is wrong. If you tell people this was a car, you would be lying. 

Getting to the bottom of truth, pushing past viewpoints and beliefs - is our biggest obstacle we face today.

Yes we all have our own perspectives on things. Yes, your perspecive might be that masks work, yes you might view the news is telling you the truth. Yes, you might believe that your politicians love you.... BUT, (just like if you were to zoom into the photo) - the TRUTH of these three scenarios is the complete opposite. Once you zoom into the reality of masks, the news and politicians - we see a different perspective, a different view. We see the truth. 

We are in a delicate situation understanding the difference between 'truth' and 'beliefs' - especially when the enemies motto is: by way of deception.

In this photo you might see a car, and if you have - you've been deceived. The truth is, this is just a photo of nature at its finest. hashtag#evolution hashtag#mindset

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