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The New World Awaits Us

We awaken from our slumber, like a bear who's been sleeping for eternity, dazed and confused, not ready to face reality.

Eyes open, the darkness subsides, a little light flickers, the truth yearning to be seen.

Not sure of how we got here, not remembering our past, not really understanding, this new found perception.

At first you feel fear,

at first you stop to adjust to the facts,

you second guess,

you deny,

you reject.

But, the gentle whisper from within, tells you to trust the process, tells you that everything is going to be ok, tells you - keep going my friend.... the best is yet to come.

With this nudge, with this acceptance to stand in truth, you confidently strive forward, you take each step as it comes, you know we are guided, each and every inch along the way.

And, like a video game, you realise this new perception is only an illusion, a simulated reality, a creation that somehow ~ involves your participation.

You feel more confident, you start to play for fun, you go all out in every way; never to live in fear.

And, like a video game, with each level you get stronger, you become a leader in your own right, you are destined to survive; of course we will always survive ~ until the end...

The best part, the most beautiful thing we can all discover now ~ in this game called life, is our own true powers; whatever we choose them to be.

As we focus on these powers, as they become stronger, they become more fierce, and we become stronger; more fierce.

And, before too long; You realise this ~ our own true powers are all we have, it's all we ask for, it's all we want for, it's all we need.

Furthermore; once we tap into our true powers, our true magic happens, immediately.

Everything we have ever wanted ~ at our fingertips; like abracadabra, all of our wishes, will absolutely; always come true.

We will never again; slumber for eternity.

We will never again, hibernate and forget our past history.

We will never again, forget that our true powers have always lived inside us, always here to guide us, always here to manifest; always here to help us for whatever reason; always; and forever.

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