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The Masonic Blue Book By-Laws

I did not mean to disrespect the brotherhood, when I opened the beautiful blue book; covers barely held by a string, the first page still promoting the print date: 17th March, 1886.

The two of us sat there like little girls snooping; and we snooped so hard. It was so much fun!

To be a Freemason, back in the day, at 2 pounds a pop! Thats pretty steep price to pay, for an all mens brotherhood club.

They must have been rich. They must have dressed really nice. They definitely cared about their books; the exquisite presentation still preserved, after all this time.

They must have been really interesting to talk to. I'm sure they were great at their jobs. I'm certain they were good looking gents too.

I wondered where their families were now? Are they happy? Are they in love? Do they know?

Its interesting to learn about St John's Day on December 27th We don't celebrate this Festival over here.. these days.

We only have Boxing Day on the 26th - and Christmas on the 25th... and thats it.

I wonder what happened to St. John? ...did he leave with the church when Pius came to town? 🥰

The final question that pops in my head, besides the importance of the full moon meeting, is related to symbols; specifically the letters appearing after the mens' last name.

They must having a meaning. Its not something we'd say as Sydney-siders (I don't think). They must have a meaning inside the brotherhood..?

As Steph and I were whisked back in time, and we mingled amongst the men, we giggled at the story she had to share, the guy, her grumpy friend, who left the house in an angry stir, when she finally found it, HIS book, the beautiful blue book, stuck inside the dresser drawer.

I wondered which one was him? How long did he last? Did he know about the plan? Was he in on it too?

So many questions, still being wondered, and our smiles linger.. still giggling.

But not for long.

We're quickly jolted back to reality back to almost 2020; when dinner is ready, and things are heating up in the world Trump's been impeached, Agenda 21 is here, the new world order; in full effect; almost.

I didn't want to inform her then; that the sky was about to be fallin' It would ruin the fun time we just had; the forever memory we just created.

So I left it there. With a smile and honour. Grateful, so incredibly grateful, to witness the memories of Freemason.

And will leave it here. To all my secret society members, my lovely brotherhood friends, the sisterhood, and illuminati facebook followers:

This beautiful blue book, still so strong and almighty, holds more than just - secrets.

As you must know, this beautiful book, its also - all so powerful.

Whomever writes the story, narrates the script, and controls its' final destiny.

Wizards are at work, manifesting our reality, with everyone playing their part, its hard to see the full picture.

But step back, take in some asana, assess Earth's personal situation, remember your role amongst humans; your influence on the masses; the importance of transparency, with important people.

Sometimes traditions can become outdated. Also, humans evolve. Thinking evolves.

It doesn't have to be this story, this evil endgame. More important things are ahead the sun; she is about to sneeze.

And, deceiving people, especially the ladies, your ladies, for protecting the brotherhood, on behalf of the brotherhood, is NOT what is good for humanity, no matter which century you're from.

I love this Masonic Magic ❤️

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