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Each day

is an amazing opportunity:

- to create,

- to live,

- to love.


as the days go by,

we prosper with the fullest intention:

- to survive each moment; another day,

- to thrive to our greatest ambitions;

our life goals,

- to ensure peace on Earth happens;

always, everyday.

Peace on Earth MUST happen always.

Peace is freedom,

it is desire,

it is respect.

Peace is safe,

it is healthy,

is is productive.

We live each day,

for peace,

for humanity.

We set these intentions,

each day,

every single day,

but government has

~ stepped in ~

they have:

different plans for,

peace on Earth.

They have:

different wants, needs,


for harmony in this habitat.

The government has:

a new set of ways,

a new prediction for the planet,

new ways to prosper in peace,

and harmony,

with each other,

~ and ~

with them.

The government wants to do things

~ all over again ~

they want to reset what it means to live with you,

and the world.

They want to reset what they hope

for you,

for humanity.

They will reset your life,

monitor everything you do,

surveillance everything you say,

watch what you eat,

what you drink,

when you go poop.


Every single thing in your life,

will be reset,

to be monitored,

to be surveillanced,

to be watched,

to their versions of:

peace, love,

and harmony.

They’ll create a new way for you,

to achieve peace in this lifetime,

(very soon!)

and they’ll do this each day,



all day long,

to you,

your kids,

your friends, family,


everyone you know,

for the rest of your life.

For the rest of your life

and beyond,

~ or ~

until you decide:

- YOU preach,

what peace is

for you and your family.

- YOU hold up what harmony is for you and your friends.

- YOU take back your place on the planet,


and for generations to come.


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