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I just had another telepathic moment 😍 this time with my daughter. This is the 3rd time its happened with her over the year. I had another moment with a friend a few weeks ago making the grand total of FOUR times I've used telepathy to communicate with another human.

We all have the powers to communicate telepathically, we just need to practice, which is what I am constantly reminding myself.

Its raining outside and our plans were cancelled so its a lazy day today. This is fine by me!

As I was making her lunch I was thinking "I really hope she is having a good day today" and on queue she walked up, grabbed her lunch and said: "Mom, I'm having a really good day today"

I jumped up and down and told her it happened again; that we had a telepathic moment.❤️ She was excited to hear she read my thoughts again. Children are so powerful when they put their minds to it!

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