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With every door that closes,

with every opportunity that passes your way,

there is a new path that appears,

sometimes out of nowhere,

so it appears,

sometimes when you least expect it,

so it seems,

but it’s not a coincidence when doors close,

and opportunities fizzle,

or energies end,

I mean when energy is

~ redirected ~

(‘cause energy never ends),

when energy is redirected,

down a new path,

a new path you were not expecting,

or intending,

it opens up new doors,

to new options of free will choice,

with new,

like minded people,

inside new,

like minded places,

so many new,

and wonderful things to see,

and do,

because we did something new,

we walked down a new path,

one we were not expecting,

or intending.

This is the new Earth we are building now:

- a brand new way of being,

- a brand new way of being seen,

like a brand new day,

with each sun rise at dawn,

we start all over again,

down a new,

brand new different,

better than before,


because we evolved,

into something new,

energy redirected itself,


on its own,


because of this,

we are stronger,



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