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They did it!

They changed the law;

back in history,

when the evening news,

didn’t matter so much,

and lying,

was just a byproduct,

of both parties’ politics,

and narcissism,

was needed for soap operas,

and 007.

When conspiracies,

were only theories,

and the evil plot,

could be turned on and off;


the very last scene.

We want to,

let go,

of the lies and deceit,

as we please.

Requesting that they leave,

at any time.

That the lies leave,

as we please,

at any time.

We pledge to ourselves,

to remove ourselves,

from the abusive situation,

that comes from,


and lies told to us,

at anytime.

To live life like it was,

before the big fat lie,

~ and ~

before the legalities of living,

was a life lived a lot simpler.

To live life like it was,

back in the day,


when lying was against the law,

and the laws for lying,

were never made legalised,

and the rules for reprimanding,

we’re never made real.


in history,

during term 2012;

when the laws for lying,

became public knowledge,

and the Obama betrayal,

was known by so many,

knowledge held by so many,

back in the day,

when they made it affordable to fib,

made it ok,

to not tell the truth,

~ to lie ~

to the unassuming public,

but most don’t know,

~ by design ~

most don’t know

~ the evil ~

that this man Obama perpetrated,

on the mainstream news,

or they don’t want to know,

about this mainstream misinformation campaign,

they are addicted to,

what they are attesting to,

they refuse to see,

what the enemy has done to them,

to us,

what he is doing to us,

what this evil man approved of then,

which was made legal for now,

what the laws he approved,

are doing to us now…

Look into this law -

NDAA passed by Obama,

2012 / 2013,

years of a tyranny take over,

a tiptoe into totalitarian

table topics,

something you DON’T want to regret,

as you fine dine at your dinner table,

with your friends,

your loved ones,

and the ‘Covid’ casualties,

THE conspiracy of the century,

victims of


our disastrous past.

Learn your history,


Educate yourself on truth,


Only when you face this darkness,

only when you see this lie,

(happening over and over again on your TV),

only then -

will this evil intent,

so clear on the horizon,


no more.


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