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Friends, the sad truth is that every single one of us humans is responsible for the mess we are living in right now

5G is a military weapon designed to cause harm.

Serious harm.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video and ask yourself,


Why have we allowed our government to design weapons that are so powerful?

Why are we treating humans this way?

Why do we have such evil approaches to promote peace;

when our goal is harmony?

Or, is that our goal?

Do we want to live in harmony with the rest of the world?

Do you ever think of peace?

Has anyone stopped for 5 minutes to pay attention to the world and whats going on right now?

Why are we still at war; why are we humans funding this?

And, why are lethal weapons now being deployed locally in cities and countries across the world?

Do you know - is war coming to us?

Is there a threat on our home land that we must pay attention to?

Have you ever asked yourself,

just once,

why are you staying silent?

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