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We are here together

in 2024

with an invisible annihilation

an enemy not known by many

but felt by

~ us all.

The human species

assaulted by fear

assembled by 'benign' bodies

who don't know knowledge

they don't know now

~ the truth.

We walk forward together

on a predetermined path

paved forward by people pleasers

unaccepting of

~ our past.

We relish in righteousness

of a savior so kind

so savvy in kinship

so celestial in matter

which manifests

~ mankind.

But, who shalt save the day?

Who shall save us from suffering?

Who will determine our demise

that is

~ our destiny?

Only YOU are the answer.

Only YOU are who sets you free.

Only YOU are bound by bravery

a path paved by only

~ YOU.

Together we will

~ save the day.


Friends, I highly suggest you hear the latest by Mark Passio - a full spectrum dominance delivery of our current humanitarian issues that we face. I'm filled with gratitude for this knowledge, his wisdom; hidden treasures of our past. Thank you Mark - the world is a better place because of YOU.

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