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Updated: May 15, 2019

I enjoyed an almost 2 hour chat with The Inventor of KiMūni yesterday! We talked about derivatives, its impact on the common folk (you and me) and how risky things were getting in the financial markets.

We talked about the elements of money; how we are not taught about this in school, or on the nightly news.

We talked about economics and the concept of 'usury'; about the importance of upholding principal and maintaining value over time.

We talked about the benefits Fiat currency, which shocked me because I thought there weren't any...

We also talked about KiMūni 😍

Oh what an amazing story this is. I've kept the best part out of this episode - How KiMūni Was Created by Quantum Code- because it deserves its own post. You'll want to hear this unique story, based on the most beautiful paradigm shift I've ever seen!

Make sure you join the KiMūni Facebook group to keep in touch and stay connected:

Here is episode #2 of KiMūni Monday's - just wetting my whistle trying to find my place in this crypto craze. If there is anything specific you want to learn about, please let me know.

If you are a Crypto influencer, or know of one - I'd love to chat. The conversation floor is OPEN 😎 the only thing I don't cover is the financial elements of crypto and money, because this is not my area of expertise - there are too many other financial geniuses out there. I'm interested in promoting Crypto as a new currency - anything that helps people evolve to this new money, anything that supports this mission.

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