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Below are the following weapons inside the public school room:

WIFI BOX: the box on the wall above the kids heads is emitting lethal levels of radiation.

LAPTOPS: the 30 laptops in the classroom amplifies the radiation.

US FLAG: this is a wartime flag, every single citizen inside the classroom has been identified as the enemy. (yes, a fact, look this up)

PLEDGE OF ALLIEGENCE: word magic and spells - ‘and to the republic for which it stands’ - have seen closely what the US stands for lately?

TABLES, CHAIRS & COMMUICATION: The class room is designed for your little person to look up to the teacher, sit down until allowed permission to leave, and silenced until your spoken to.

OVERALL EVOLUTION: The ciriculum, the teachings and the advice given inside the classroom has been handed to us by our enemy. In the late 1800s, this ‘education’ system was brought over by Prussia for the sole purpose to create obedient slaves. (yes, a fact, look this up)

INVISIBLE ENEMY: This is ground zero for propagating lies about the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on Covid and now the war on client change. ALL these narratives, brought to us, by our enemy - the Prussian school system of mind control, lies and deceit making dumb and weak people, comprising of a lost civilisation that wears a mask for a virus that has never been proven to exsist.

Our only options is #homeschooling


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