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This is the 11th hour....Please listen to Christina's short message and pass it on ❤️

There is a depopulation agenda being waged on the human race, which is the form of ultra high frequency technology.

This technology is 5G.

The same people behind the holocaust are behind 5G being rolled out right now all over the world, specifically in your city.

IF YOU ARE A PARENT please watch this short video; this is so important.

I don't want to anger you, I've been angry with this information and its not fun to learn there are people on this earth wanting to kill us. These are horrible people with no empathy. Just know there is a solution. The solution is simple. The solution is YOU.

We need you and everyone else to pay attention to this madness.

I'm handing out fliers with Louise Maree tomorrow and more chats with James Kelly and Louise Dunn on the westside of Australia and Margarite Bubb is my neighbour in Brisbane.

The people in US, please pass this on and share this video. Tina Marie, Nelissa Carleton David Jose David Rodriguez - I know you are talking about other areas of deception, but we need a few eyeballs on #5G right now. We need eyeballs on everything...

I'm hoping that my message to my friends and family who are tagged below that currently live in the smart cities that can make a BIG difference right now. We need to be paying attention to this madness now. Thank you for paying attention, please pass this message on. ❤️



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