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From the time we were born,

a wee baby and our first breath,

our brains have been ready.

Time to tap into our DNA,

time to evolve into our true powers,

time to become who we've

always meant to be.

But, since the time we were born

a wee baby and our first breath,

we've been conditioned to look elsewhere for answers.

Look away from our parents for education,

look away from our own thoughts for personal decisions,

look away from our innate abilities to heal from disease,

away from our inner voice that knows everything.

Your inner voice knows everything.

It's now time to reclaim our strength from within,

the shift is happening now, can you feel it?

We no longer vote for presidents who lie.

We no longer watch TV for news that is fake.

We no longer rely on doctors for cures to illness.

Cancer is no longer a threat to humanity.

Instead we use our entire heads,

and our hearts,

with close ties to local communities,

to answer all the questions we shall ever have,

to heal all the diseases we may ever endure,

to guide us through all of life's unchartered territory,

with grace, and patience,

and with so much love.

The power of the sub conscious ❤️

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