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Updated: May 11, 2021

We were born on this planet, as a perfect creations of God, perfect in form, with no fear, or prejudice.

And, as we took our first breath, our journeys began, to live and love, freely.

Our hearts and our 3rd eye open.

But, little did we know, that from our first breath, Satan was waiting, waiting to deceive, waiting to poison our bodies, waiting to influence our paths, to enslave our spirits, ~and~ to control our minds.

Little did we know, that the paperwork that was signed, IE: our birth certificate, created our mother and father, into: a pair that rents.

Little did we know, that as we started education, with growth and wisdom as our intent, that the knowledge we consumed, was: a false reality.

We had no idea, that the TV's inside our homes, the cartoons we watched on Saturday mornings, was: mind control.

We would never have thought, that our perfect little bodies, that needed 'protecting', were injected every few years, with: poison.

Never would we believe, that our foods, our water, the air we breathed, and the devices we used in school, were: killing us slowly.

And, as we grew up, into kids, then into adults, we started to ask questions, we started to wonder why?

Why would Satan be so evil? Why would he cause such destruction; to cause such painful harm?

Why would he lie?

There must be a reason, a purpose to deceive our essence, a reason to control our path, our life choices, and minds along the way....

There IS a reason, of course this reason has been uncovered, ~ by that woman who took her first breath, ~ by that man who walked his first steps, into 'perceived' power.

That reason is evil, it does not belong here anymore, ~and~ now we have only one option to choose: to continue our life purpose, and get back to Gods creation, perfect in form, with no fear, or prejudice.


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