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Happy new year friends and family 🎉 I'm excited that 2019 is here and for the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. My goals for this new year are far different than last years. I have some big challenges ahead and some big life changes that I need to make ❤️

In addition to the inner growth I expect to achieve from this transformative year - I will be doing everything I can to educate people on how to keep themselves and their families safe in the 21st century as clearly NOBODY in charge is looking out for our health and well being.

This image is an example of how we are not being cared for: this toy should be banned for ALL ages for ALL kinds of reasons but mainly the radiation that is coming from the eye wear is shocking 😳 it's damaging the eyes and the skull not to mention the hijacking of ones creativity and sense of reality....

In 2019 please join me as I help bring a new perspective on the importance of gadgets and devices in our lives. We need to educate children and teach them how damaging the radiation effects are and how addicting these devices / games / social media platforms can be. They have been designed that way for many reasons. We need to educate them on their social 'behaviour" and their digital "presence" and to make sure they understand the future consequences as everything they type is being tracked and monitored by (at least) 45 different countries... and that this data could be used against them for instance in college or future career. We also need to educate them on why they should NEVER ever put any #VR devices on for any reason. None of us should 🙏

Sending love to you all and hope you and your family have a healthy and happy new year! 🎉 Stay safe and vigilant, and remember #5G is coming this year too...another perspective that needs to be changed immediately. Faster downloads is not worth the human extinction that will come with it.

....and, yes friends I did just type the word 'extinction.' - once a child's DNA has been changed, there is no turning back. We need perspective on this fact alone - right now please 💕

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