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One of the biggest betrayals,

the deepest deceptions,

the most massive manipulations of mankind,

is blind belief.


Not all belief is bad,

but blind belief is very bad,

especially when:

blind belief is based on bias,

looked through a lens that ignores important matters,

that sacrifices souls through susceptible deception,

and dances towards disorder and dismay,

towards destruction and decay,

towards a distant death,

that soon is becoming -

a quick reality,

because you believed a lie,

you had blind belief,

that turned into a lie told,

that Jesus was coming,

to save the day.

That HE,

would save you.

You switched off your mind,

gave it to government,

and chose to ignore your inner voice,

the one who warns you,

who advised you,

who educates you,

who protects from attacks on your body, mind,


and soul.

The #biblestudy preaches publicly,

not to worry.

Organised #religion tells you that Jesus will take care of everything,

that he will solve all your issues,

forgive you for all your sins,

save you through salvation,

and everything,

- ALL of the issues in ALL of your life,

will be ok.

Everything will just be ok -

if you give all your belief to Jesus.

Blind belief in Jesus,

is all you need,

to survive this war we find ourselves in!


This belief is not true,

this belief is based in a lie -

Jesus is NOT coming to save you!

YOU need to save yourself and your family…

…and YOU need your BRAIN to take action toward safety.

It’s NOT the goals of government to keep you healthy and well.

Only YOU can save yourself from this mess,

the deception from the death cult,

from this #war we find ourselves in,

with government.

Only YOU will save yourself from #agenda2021 and #agenda2030

Only YOU will save your family, friends,

and loved ones.

Be like him to save yourself:

- attune yourself to truth,

- get clarity from him for guidance,

but do NOT rely on him to save you.

He is not coming to save you;

Jesus is not your saviour -



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