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Updated: May 15, 2019

After watching Christine S. Zipps recent interviews advocating WIRED solutions for technology in schools (as opposed to the current situation of WIFI), which you can learn more about in this group here:, I am a bit more anxious with the situation our children are facing in schools.

I was thinking to myself that I wish parents would please watch and learn and become aware of this problem that we are facing. The children are in danger and we need to start considering alternative solutions. Right at that moment, as Serendipity would have it, my good friends (and homeschooling parent) Melissa A Wiringi sent me a text at that moment and said she was ready to talk...find out more today on #TheSheenaShowdown

If you are tagged in this post, this means that YOU are next. Tina Marie David Jose and Nelissa CarletonI want to hear about your #homeschooling success. Please tag a friend if you know any #homeschool examples that are successful that I can interview. I'd love to talk with them.

Sending love to you all -


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