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Have you ever considered the money it takes to manage your money? Why do we spend most of our lives making money, and yet most of us don't have savings and are still barely able to survive. We all should be able to make enough to live comfortably with good savings for a rainy day, but we don't. Where does all of our money go?

Its simple - the big banks blow it.

At KiMūni you won't find them blowing your money away. They won't charge you handling fees or transaction costs. They don't have 'bail-in' laws, like the current banks do, where they can legally take your money if they needed to.

KiMūni is simply your own asset management system, a vault that is completely private and secure that only YOU have the combination to.

KiMūni allows you to pay your friends and family in the privacy of your own home, without anyone spying on your spending habits. They don't meddle in your finances. They don't sell your data for marketing purposes.

Once you understand the traditional banking system, and you uncover its deception and fraud, you'll want to use a new money system. A system of value and integrity. A system that respects your privacy. A system you can trust.

You'll find all of this in KiMūni. I'm glad I finally got control of my money; never again will I allow big banks to blow it!

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