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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

The most beautiful part of life, is the opportunity to leave a legacy.

What you did with your time on Earth, in this world.

How you helped your fellow neighbour;

the 'soul tokens' collected along the way.

Your legacy allows future generations to tell stories about your past.

It gives people memories, so they can learn and grow.

It gives people feel good feelings, which are so important to overall health and well being.

Legacy, when at its purest intent, can create a roadmap and positive vibes for generations to come. Its a beautiful, thoughtful creation between life,

and lives;

that continues to give and give.

Your Legacy is what pumps life itself;

its whats pumping right now 😍 thank you!

Legacy, when stolen, is something quite different.

When someone's legacy is stolen,

their time on Earth is stolen;

their time in this world no longer exists.

Their time as a peaceful neighbour is stolen;

their opportunity to collect 'soul tokens' along the way;

is also stolen.

When you steal someones legacy, you take away the most beautiful part of life.

Life itself. You take it away. You make it no longer exist.

In the process you die.

A lost legacy. 😞

Friends, please pay attention to the 5G rollout. We are in times of need right now to help get the word out so that everyone has opportunity to leave a legacy. They will be stealing this from us if we don't pay attention. I need help with spreading this awareness, thank you for caring! 🙏Love to you all xoxx

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