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This is just one of many resources by G. Edward Griffen that uncovers the different options we have to be healed from this horrible disease.

The dedication inside the book reads 'This book is dedicated to the memory of Dr Earnest T. Keeps, Jr., and John A. Richardson, M.D. When confronted by the power and malice of the entrenched scientific error, they did not flinch. While others scampered for protective shelter, they moved to the front line to battle. May the telling of their deeds help to arouse an indignant public which, alone, can break the continuing hold of their enemies over our lives and our health'

Inside the book it explains how the science of cancer is quite simple, it's the business of cancer that is complex. For instance - in the US - this naturally occurring vitamin B17, that has proven to cure cancer, is illegal to use. Any cure for this disease other than surgery, chemo, or radiation is banned.

The tide is turning and many people are waking up to the fact that the medical industry does not have our best interest in mind. It's a business and they are looking at the bottom line.

  • You being sick = 💰

  • You being healthy = ❌

If you or someone you love ever gets diagnosed with cancer, please know there is more you can do to heal yourself.

Email me if you want to know more: ❤️

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