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Updated: May 21

In 2019 I started to speak out publicly about the planned genocide on humanity - Agenda 21 & 2030. I moved myself to safety (out of Sydney's CBD city) and was prepared when the lie of Covid came. Many of my friends in my audience were prepared, but for those of you who did not believe me, did not want to hear me, or thought I was a ‘conspiracy theorist’ - you ignored me and my pleas ... and we are no longer friends.

Losing friends and family members has been the most difficult part of this process. Watching them all social distance, wear a mask, and get a vaccine for a virus that has never been proven to exist - was heart wrenching.

Today in 2024 over 22 million people (and counting) have died from the solution on offer and before this, many died in lockdown due to suicide and the 5G towers that had been turned on.

Since 2019 I have continued to follow the fake ‘laws’ being passed by the terrorist organisations of the #UN the #WHO and the #WEF. Unlike 2019 when I was alone at the front lines of this war, today millions are now aware and speaking out.

No matter what people say about countries ‘rejecting the WHO’ and the cashless societies being rolled out now, their next planned event is coming. You just need to look at Australia and Canada to see what type of war mongers we are dealing with.

People must comprehend that the world is nothing like we see on TV or mainstream media. The government does not exist to keep us safe and well from disease. They are a foreign occupation who unlawfully wage war, tell lies, and murder innocent people, animals and now trees.

Agenda 21 and 2030 have been in the works for decades, and this planned attack on humanity - for centuries. The only way we will survive this is to change our mindsets and take back our powers (and right) to live peacefully on the planet.

They call this timeframe - THE AWAKENING - because this is our opportunity to use our energy and free will to change ourselves…that will impact generations to come. We must upgrade our mindsets and remove our allegiance from these parasites guised as ‘government’.

I’ve done my part over the years and have put my life on the line for humanity. This is not easy, but the more people who are aware of this situation and the more we talk about our solutions and embody natural law - the easier it becomes.

Do not believe a word you hear in mainstream media about bird flu, climate change, or any other disease that is being promoted. Get yourself and your family to safety on a farm if you can. Grow your own foods, pull your kids out of public school and if you work for any of the roles participating in these lies - QUIT!

  • If you are a doctor, or nurse - quit your job.

  • If you are a teacher - quit your job.

  • If you work in mainstream media, or in Hollywood - quit your job.

  • If you work in technology or the banks aiding in the development of CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) - quit your job.

I know this is hard pill to swallow and a big deal for most people, but I’ve done it myself, so it’s not impossible. I was working in technology for 20 years before I found out about the lethal weapons of 5G, the internet of everything, social credit scores, and the rest - and I dropped out immediately. I took the bold steps of following my passion and became an investigative journalist, humanitarian and human rights advocate - and it was the best decision of my life.

The enemy is here, but it’s YOUR energy which is what will be used to destroy this planet. How will you respond? How are you participating in this war and attack on humanity?

And remember - your silence is consent. If you think you can ‘wish’ this situation away, or avoid it by not focusing on it - you are being ignorant. Your problems do not get resolved by ignoring the issue and turning a blind eye to OUR problems.

The faux bird flu pandemic is coming….are you prepared?

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