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Your mind.

the most powerful part of you

is under attack.

Your perception

the way you see this reality

is a lie.

Your free will

the actions you take each day

are being controlled.

Psychological operations

aka ‘psyops’

is an attack your mind,

your perception,

your free will.


in politics and religion

and mainstream media

is in full force

right now ~


The only way

to conquer the planet

is to conquer the mind

and after 2 centuries of planning

and plotting

their end game ~

is here.

So which is it that you read?

What is it that you believe?

Who do you trust?

In this war we have evolved into

- the war on humanity

- the ‘awakening’

it’s your MIND that needs healing.

You must push your ego aside

and heal your MIND.

Ditch the news,

and mainstream media.

Remove yourself from politics,

and all religions.

Burn the Bible,

tear up the Torah,

rise above the Kybalion.

YES, even the hermetic principals ~

are part of the plot.

To date

BILLIONS have died

from world wide psyops

- where is Jesus?

- why pray to Krishna?

- who elected Trump?

All psyops

to keep you from truth.

Learn the truth

about truth

for only the truth ~

will set you free.

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