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Friends, as we enter 2020 - a new decade, a new era, remember that most of media has a plan. The people behind the plot have skills that we are unaware of, that they don't want us to know about, and that they don't teach you about in elementary school.

They know how to move consciousness, call it brainwashing, or call it social (re) engineering. They are influencing society (through thoughts, ideas combined with emotion) in the way they see fit. They've been doing this for centuries, the bible being a great example.

Don't invest too much time in anything you read or watch on TV. Clock the information if you 'need to know', then move on your happy way. Don't get sucked into emotions and always question everything.

Keep a loose definition of "truth"....I've got it wrong before in the past by not questioning enough and/or going far enough down the rabbit hole. 🤓

Also don't forget, the way you manifest your dreams is to NOT be fearful of the future, but by being excited for whats to come. The world is your oyster, but nothing can manifest if you are angry or scared about this situation. ❤️

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