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As someone who is fascinated by history, I was never taught in school why some US flags have a gold fringes on them and others don't. Every time I see a flag on a pole outside a post office it is normal (without the fringe) but whenever I see the president speak, for example when he swore in Brett Kavanaugh at White House ceremony last year - I see the flag with the gold fringe.

According to the internet (unverified source), courtrooms that display fringed flags behind a judge is a military courtroom. Such a courtroom tries cases on the basis of admiralty law, not constitutional law, not common law, not civil law, and not statute law.

My next question - if President Trump is standing in front of a flag with a gold fringe what does this mean? Is he representing constitutional law, or admiralty law? And what exactly is is the difference between these two laws mean?


One of the first things I learned on this awakening journey is the fact that the US is operating under 'admiralty law' which represents the law of the sea and not the law of the land. This is very important distinction for Americans, especially when they are dealing with issues in court and the constitution. I didn't research this point in depth, I have been with all the other topics that affect our health and wellbeing such as 5G, SmartCities Technocracy, our food supply, money system, medical system and all the other topics I speak about. Now, after further research, I'm more clued into the facts and what it means to be an American citizen. You won't learn this in school; the deception is unimaginable...

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