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In 2019 I set out on a tour:

~searching for secrets~

to find all the hidden treasures,

the advancements in technology for our future;

the golden nuggets of wisdom from our past;

the times of yesteryear.

And what did I discover?

Wow, this world is amazing;

and there is SO much to explore.

Today I share the secrets about water ~

the importance of filtering,

but also,

the critical step,


(or activating it).

You see ~ currently in 2022:

The water coming out of the tap is dead.

The water from the well is dead.

The water in your drink at the restaurant, or at a hotel, or even at grandma’s house, it’s likely all ~


Yes, we are drinking and bathing;

in dead water.

Did you know this?

I didn’t,

not until 2020.

To explain further:

There is a process to activate your water,

- to liven it up,

- to give it SO much power,

it is invincible,

creating 30% more yield in production -

on the farm,

in your home,

at the office.

Structured water lavishes your skin with nurshiment,

and give your hair the cleanse it desires.

Activated water is the purest, cleanest, most effective form water -

the highest degrees of consciousness,

that state of water,

structured water,

the best version of water you can drink,

or bath in,

or give to your plants,

and animals,

to consume.

It’s a full house affair,

structured water,

every drop of water alive,

every cell nourished,

every person fully activated,


and forever.


Contact Water Jewels @julianneserhan to learn more:

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