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Friends, this time last year created a vision board to help navigate through a tough time - I REALLY needed a holiday and to get me out of an emotional funk. I've used vision boards many times in the past - for example my cottage by the beach was found through using a vision board and I have shared other examples of how accurate manifestation skills are when you put your mind to it 🤓

So this time I took the plunge and went all in - I visualised the top photo....a holiday getaway to a tropical place where I felt happy and free as a bird.

This time last year my vision was just that - a vision. And for the entire year I've been looking at this photo on my board...never thinking in a million years that the universe was organising itself to deliver me my wish, and planning the most amazing event of my life.

Well, it just dawned on me as I continue to reminisce about my time in Mexico at #Anarcapulco last week (which was an opportunity that randomly came out of the blue...) and as I stare at my wall where my vision board is hanging..and remember the photos of the views I just captured, I realise that this incredible life changing experience was likely an opportunity that was manifested by Moi 😎

People, I am a strong believer in finding the truth and I believe we have been censored from how powerful we are. The world is our oyster and if we put our true abilities to work, we can really create whatever we desire 💕

The bottom photo was taken from the view of the hotel of where I was staying - one of many that match the photos on my vision board. I'm excited to have just realised how similar these visions are and more importantly that I have reached an internal happiness that I imagined and was striving for a year ago. ❤️

I'm so grateful that I created this vision board, that I trusted, and that the universe provided.

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