Updated: Feb 17


This world is run by one set of rules by one set up beliefs by one set of facts.

And, in this world of rules, beliefs and facts we have standards set for regulations for guidelines and for lockdowns.

And, as the beautiful people of this world live their lives follow the rules stay within standards and listen to the lockdowns they have no idea that there is a second set of rules a second set of beliefs a second set of facts. that the people can live by.

We must uncover this fact, that not all truth is known that not all knowledge is shared.

We must uncover this fact, that greedy people are ruling this world their actions are governed by one thing and one thing alone ~ their bottom line.

We must uncover the fact, that we've been told lies we've been sold a false story we've been conned beyond belief.

But, our options are still out there we can choose what path we take we can choose to walk a different road we can choose to lead our youth towards new and unchartered territories.

All of the information is out there, when you know you have options.

All of the information is out there when you do your own research.

Everything you ever needed to know about all the things that will ever need to know about keeping your body healthy and well is available right now at your fingertips.

The choice is yours as to which path you take.


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