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I've just learned that its was THIS photo in the news and mainstream that has everyone worked up about with our advancements in space.

Wow. They have balls of steel for presenting to the world this photo!😆

Friends, I don't watch the news because its being used as a brainwashing tool to dumb us down. This is a fine piece of bullshit is fake. Pardon my language, but we need to turn the heat up on this topic...

Know that ALL of mainstream media is brainwashing you.

Let me try to explain things to you as succinctly as possible. Please try to keep an open mind an forget about anything you've learned in school, or read about in the newspaper.

If you have any questions, I will be here to answer them. No question is stupid; this topic is too big and important.

OK lets begin...

In the last book I read - The 3rd Wave - I learned how the development and the organisation on the planet happened. It was the last clue to figuring out the plot they have planned. This knowledge was so key to understanding everything we are faced with today. It was the glossing that overlaid the competed puzzle that now is ready to hang on the wall 🤓

So, to get you up to speed - over the last 100+ years a small group of rich bankers set out on a quest to organise the world. They encouraged us people to drop the tools on the farm, and start earning money so we can purchase (instead of make) the things that we would normally produce and consume (food, material, needs) on your own.

At this time, people lived in small villages, they didn't pay tax, didn't have laws, and didn't have the nation state - USA Incorporated (the USA is a business traded on the stock market, not a country, did you know this?) ...and we lived relatively simple lives.

The moving away from 'producing' our own foods and services and instead purchasing them, in one hand, is good. It helped develop the planet. It speed up time on the farm and factory, which allowed production to happen quicker, more efficiently.

Communication advancement was also a key factor in the development of the planet. What we can do with communication technology these days is incredible!

...but there was a cost to all of this growth and advancement.

As we moved from producing our own foods and services; to purchasing products from others, we layered in - rules, laws, tax, chemicals, and there was also an unseen impact on the electric magnetic field (EMF) on the planet.

You can not see this EMF exposure; you can't taste, touch, smell, or even hear it. I would add in that you can't 'feel' it either, however, the EMF levels on the planet are SO high right now, that we have many suffers, casualties and even death because of it. Most of you don't know how important the EMF levels on the planet are to us, as humans, and how they impact our health and wellness. Not only for us and our children, but also to Mother Earth. This is why I am so passionate about educating families about reducing the WIFI radiation levels inside their house. Kids should NOT handle smart devices, case closed.

Over the years, as we layered in rules, laws, tax, chemicals, and altered the EMF exposures on the planet, we also saw a rise in disease, and mostly greed.

The greed led to many things...

Once they organised the planet in the 50's & 60's, they started talking about MORE; organising space and even the galaxy. The book - The 3rd Wave (written in the 80's) shares their grand visions of space manufacturing and cities in space. This was 50 years ago, before many of us were born.

The greed also led to notion that the pollution that has been generated to build up this planet, is now destroying it. We now have an over-consumption problem that we need to contend with. And, that the only solution to over-consumption, is to de-populate the planet, which will reduce consumption and save the Mother Earth. We need to get rid of human consumption (and conception) and start conserving. THIS is why you see the rise in the discussion about Climate Change.

(More about why they have risen the discussion on climate change in another post...keep your eyes on this subject!)

I was not there, or in their shoes, but the thinking was likely this - we've built up this planet, organised the people, set the laws into motion.. this is OUR planet, so we make the rules.

In a nutshell, these rules came with a plan - a plot to kill off the population; depopulate the planet to reduce consumption, which is what they are currently are doing now through poisoning our food, air, water, vaccines and WIFI radiation. THIS is why 5G (the new communications system being deployed globally) is so important to learn about.

One of the pieces of their plot talks about brainwashing the US citizens and keeping us unaware of the depopulation plans so we don't figure out their plot. They would never want us to start thinking for ourselves, go back to start producing again on the farm, let alone change any of their precious structural designs (streets, roads buildings, etc) that they have already built on the planet, so they needed to lie to us; persuade through emotional manipulation for us to take action.

Brainwashing can only happen if humans digest the false / fake information, they believe it, and then make decisions based on it. The globalist knew they had a huge uphill battle if they were going to keep the whole planet dumbed down.

QUE>>> the TV, news, papers, media, internet, government pamphlets, public education, etc...and they have the tools to brainwash the world.

THIS is why I don't read mainstream media and promote homeschooling...I don't want humans to be brainwashed.

Which brings me nicely into the fact that this photo is fake. We are being lied to about the situation in space.

How do I know?

For one, graphically speaking (photoshopped); its so obvious.

But also because 50 years ago (in the book referenced above) 50 years ago they were speaking about CITIES in space, and THIS is all they have to show us in regards to their advancements?

Coooome oooon folks, we can do better than this!!! 🧐

Friends, as we move into 2020, I believe the plot thickens - the final chapter has been written and the final act is happening now. Lets stick together and focus as a unified group to protect us and the children.

In regards to health, wellness, politics, money, and even THE SITUATION IN SPACE - I would suggest, not going to the news, or mainstream media, but instead start seeking your own information. Go back to 'producing' your own thoughts, your own knowledge, and don't let these greedy people feed you their lies and keep you dumbed down. You are better than this.

The situation on the planet is serious now, after years of organisation, development and advancement their greed has taken a toll on all of us. There is too much at stake here; our lives are dependant on our next moves.

5G is about monitoring us 24/7. The cameras are already up. your smart devices are already listening and tracking you.

Autism, chronic disease, and death is through the roof thanks to the un-tested vaccines they are mandating.

...oh, and children have a HUGE wake up call in regards to their future and how they fit into the organisation on the planet. THIS is what common core in the public education system is all about. In addition to keeping the kids dumb, they are looking out for the smartest ones, and clocking them for future jobs so that they too can aid in the advancement on the planet...maybe space?

Friends, lets all just take a breather now...

If you are new to my audience, this post is probably a huge pill to swallow. You have just read, in a nutshell, what should be an ongoing discussion around the dinner table and at the water cooler.

As this new information settles, please know there are thousands of us who know the plot, who speak out about it every day; trying to warn you. They are called conspiracy theorists. We have great knowledge and the solutions. ❤️

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