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We live in a world,

a matrix simulation of some sort,

where laws aren't really laws,

and force exists,

but fear is not real.

This is a world where the people,

most of the masses,

live peacefully in their beautiful lives,

don't know the truth,

the wicked game being played.

These people walk amongst each other,

oblivious to what is going on with the planet,

unaware of what was done in the past,

having now clue to what is planned for our future.

The most confronting part of this world,

is that many, by their own free will (or not)

consent to the evil; this wicked game they play.

They sign their lives away, without reading,

or understanding the fine print,

or knowing the process,

of being a willing party in a 2-party relationship.

They stay silent to forces,

not knowing that their voices matter,

that the actions they take, the power they invoke

means everything in a 2-party relationship.

And this is how they have enslaved us,

our children,

and the rest of the world.

By our signatures and our silence,

with unknown ignorance of the masses,

and a force so mighty and corrupt,

sealing the deal.

The power of paper. ❤️


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