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This email is ONE of FOUR fines I got for being pulled over without my registration, standing in my natural rights to travel freely on the road.

I got a second ticket a few weeks later.....

All up, if I followed their 'law' - they would have made circa $7,000 in fines alone.... just for me standing in my natural rights to travel freely on the roads...that we pay taxes for.

We all MUST inner-stand that the police are a 'for profit' organisation that is traded on the stock market and have NO authority to do what they are doing right now.

The federal police are also known as 'The Cabal' , 'The Elite' or 'The New World Order'.

They have NO authority to govern us. They are using our ignorance against us and making billions in the process.

You DO NOT need to register your car to travel on the road. You DO NOT need to travel with a driver's license You DO need to do these things if you are driving for 'business purposes' aka 'commerce',

but only because of the goods and services you are transporting is part of a contract.

So, this is how your government makes BILLIONS each year.

They pass laws that they feel are 'fair' and if we don't agree or abide by them, they fine us. Take our money, take our cars, close our bank accounts...and the worst (in their world) is yet to come.

Research #Agenda2030 and #Agenda21 to learn more.

THIS IS NOT FREEDOM -->> THIS IS SLAVERY (and theft!) !!!!!

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